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How to call Zapier from Crisp?

This article explains how to call a Zap from Zapier directly from your Crisp sidebar.

What do you need:

Crisp account
Zapier account

In order to call a Zap from Crisp, you need to install the Quick Actions plugin.
Quick Actions plugin allows you to call any API Endpoint from your Crisp sidebar and use the conversation metadata as parameters of your REST endpoint.

1. Install Quick Actions plugin

You can install Quick Actions from the Crisp Integrations page.
Click "Install Integration"
Select your website
Confirm installation.

After the installation, you will see the Quick Actions widget on the sidebar of your Crisp inbox. You will configure your action to trigger the Zap directly from the widget.

2. Create a Zap in Zapier

We assume you already have a Zapier account and connected to the service you want to integrate. Here we explain how to trigger the zap from Quick Actions plugins.

To create a zap, click Create Zap from your Zapier dashboard.
Select Webhooks by Zapier as the trigger of your Zap

Click continue until you get to the test section
In the test section, copy the url provided. This will be used in Quick Actions to configure your action.

3. Configure your action

Go to your Crisp inbox and click Configure actions in the Quick Actions widget
Click New action
Set the Action name
Paste the url you copied from Zapier and add it to the Action URL
Define a paramater that will be used in the call of the Zap. You can also use any metadata available on your conversation. The available variables are listed in your editor.

Create your action

4. Run your action

After having created your action, you will need to Refresh your Crisp inbox or collapse/expand the Quick Actions widget, in order to refresh the list of actions.
Find your action in the sidebar widget

Click your action button
A modal is opened where you can adjust the parameters and trigger the action
Click run to execute it.

Once you run the action, the dialog is closed and a toast message is shown at the bottom of your Crisp inbox.

5. Finalize the Zap on Zapier

We have run the action and triggered the test. We now need to verify it has correctly handled the test.

On your Zap editor click the button Test trigger button
You should now see the last call you made with your parameter
Click Continue with selected record

From this step, you can now configure the rest of your Zap with the integrations you want.

Possible use cases of Crisp and Zapier

Crisp + Hubspot: e.g. Add user to a particular list, Update contact record
Crisp + Shopify: e.g. Refund user, Create order for user
Crisp + Stripe: e.g. Add credits, Refund user, Extend trial
Crisp + Klaviyo: e.g. Add user to subscriber list

Integrating Crisp and Zapier via manual triggered Action buttons in your Crisp sidebar opens up several different possibilities to streamline your support operations.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or a use case you would like to implement.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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